Estate Planning

Lawrence Dietlien works with clients to design, draft and execute an estate plan that meets the client's goals and objectives.

In simple terms, estate planning typically involves a Will and ancillary documents, such as financial and health care powers of attorney, and a directive to physicians ("living will").

Estate planning may also involve a trust (revocable/irrevocable trusts, gift trusts, and testamentary trusts), marital agreements, buy-sell agreements for closely-held businesses, and other related documents tailored to meet the client's needs.

Every estate plan is unique to each client and can include preserving and protecting your wealth; maximizing the wealth available to future generations; minimizing exposure of your wealth to taxes and even to creditors’ claims, and to ensure that your property is made available to loved ones on your terms.

Preparation for Estate Planning:

Estate planning typically requires you to make important decisions about who is receive your property when you pass away, and who will act on your behalf when you cannot do so. You can help us design an estate plan that is right for you by doing three things:

  1. Prepare a basic financial statement listing all of your property.

  2. Prepare a list of people who might be involved in your estate plan, either as beneficiaries or as persons asked to help ensure that your wishes are carried out. In addition to names, you should gather contact information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) for each of these persons.

  3. Begin thinking about some basic questions, such as: Who gets your property? Who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes if you pass away or become incapacitated? Who will be guardian for any minor children?

Prior to meeting with us about your estate planning needs, please click on one of the questionnaire links below, complete the questionnaire and return to us. After our review, we will contact you to discuss your options and how to proceed.

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